At kissvine, designers can focus all their energy on design. You submit the design sketches, along with any notes, patterns, specifications that will help to keep us true to the design concept , and the prototype to kissvine. We will turn your designs into finished fashions and get them to customers worldwide. We will even provide a social media platform to help you to get instant feedback and one-on-one communication from a worldwide audience in the comfort of your own home. And best of all, we will provide all these services at zero cost and risk to you.
At kissvine, designers are our most important resources. They are the stars of the company. Kissvine are dedicated to enabling talented fashion designers to deliver the most unique, high quality, and fashionable products to customers worldwide.
At kissvine, all the fashion products bear the designers' own brand. You keep the copyrights to all your designs. The finished products will carry your name on the label. But in the case of us prototyping and producing your design, kissvine will have the exclusive rights to distribute and reproduce the developed series for a pre-determined time frame.
At kissvine, designers not only can fulfill their dream of creating their own brand of clothing line, but can also profit from every piece delivered to the customers.
We prefer designers provide us with a prototype along with the design work. This helps us to ensure our production process is best able to meet all the design specifications. We will take designers' existing photographs and visuals of the product to publish them in our online store.
What if the designers don't have the capability of producing the prototype and visual? Don't worry. Our in-house experts will review the designs,and once adopted, produce the prototype and visual for the product.
In the end: We will share the revenue with the designer. Fairly and Squarely.Your dream is our dream.
Together let's change the game of the fashion business and enable every talented designer to pursuit their own passion. If you are a designer and interested in working with us, please contact us at for inquiry.